Vincent Joplin is a church-planting resident at Harvest Church. He’s been in full-time ministry for almost 17 years. He’s always had a desire for teaching and preaching the Word but NEVER wanted to be a Lead Pastor. However, at an installation service for a new pastor of a church, he heard someone preach through the qualifications of an overseer, found in 1 Timothy 3. At that moment, Vincent knew God was talking to him, and he started weeping. When he told his wife, Larren, she responded by saying she already knew God wanted him to pastor in Whitehaven, and she was just waiting for him to accept it. God opened his eyes to the need in Whitehaven for a disciple-making Church and stirred his heart to want to shepherd the flock there. To see this story unfold, watch the video below.

How can we be praying for Vincent and the work God is doing in Whitehaven? 

  • Pray for a Godly core team of mature leaders who can submit to authority
  • Pray for Godly elders to shepherd the Church
  • Pray for the Church to be able to meet in a vacant church building in 38116
  • Pray God would sustain the Joplin’s financially in this process; that it wouldn’t be a financial burden
  • Pray Larren would be able to develop women leaders in this process
  • Pray the Joplin’s would find the perfect home in the heart of Whitehaven
  • Pray God would open up doors with the immigrants in the community
  • Pray for the financial resources to bless the track team WEB Dubois Academy with needed supplies and equipment 
  • Pray for "BarberShop Theology,” a vision of Damon Conley. Damon and Vincent intentionally build relationships with Barbershop owners in Whitehaven for initiating and documenting "Evangelistic conversations that penetrate the urban context with the Gospel". Vincent's desire is to see Damon's vision used for making disciples of the owners who can then disciple their staff and clients.

Delivering Word Bible Church exists to Glorify God by reproducing followers of Christ who love each other and others well. The vision of DWBC is to be a family, pursuing and proclaiming Christ, who saves the lost, liberates the bound, restores the broken and empowers the weak.

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