Spring 2019 Sunday Schools

We want every member at Harvest Church to be known, loved, shepherded, and discipled to maturity in Christ (Col. 1:28) and our Sunday School Classes are one of two environments where this occurs (the other environment being our Discipleship Communities). In other words, our Sunday School Classes exist for the people at Harvest Church to pursue community (known and loved) and maturity (shepherded and discipled) in Christ. We offer classes at both the 9 and 10:45 services. Joining a DC or Sunday School Class is vital for your relationship with both Christ and the body of Harvest Church - don’t miss out!

Contact wes@harvestmemphis.org with any questions.


Electives - electives offer no promise of soul care and relationship building (although it may happen by default) - these are primarily short-term learning environments that are topical in nature (i.e. financial peace, study of OT prophets, etc.).  We should be launching some electives fairly soon but right now all we have are Sunday school classes and DC’s.

Contact steve@harvestmemphis.org with any questions.