The Harvest Builder

We are excited to announce the Harvest Builder and add it to our resources for discipleship here at Harvest.  At Harvest, our heart is to continually equip and encourage our Body as we make disciples throughout the week. As you may know, we have The Gospel Journey as our primary tool for making disciples at Harvest.  If you have done the Gospel Journey with small groups, you have most likely noticed the intentional breaks (4-8 weeks) between Gospel Journey Paths.

We believe the Harvest Builder is another resource for discipling others that could be especially useful for these breaks that are already scheduled into the Gospel Journey.  The Harvest Builder gives you the opportunity to create unlimited customizable curriculum tailored for the unique discipleship relationships in your life. Harvest has provided this free of charge to all Harvest Members. To sign up and begin using this resource, go to The Harvest Builder

If you have specific questions on how to use the Harvest Builder, contact (