Purpose: Parent’s Day Out is a ministry of Harvest Memphis Church to its members and the community. Our purpose is to minister to parents and preschoolers and to provide the highest quality care while parents take care of their needs. Our program balances an academic one with a biblical one. We encourage learning through play, educational, and creative experiences.

Enrollment: All children must be pre-registered and fees paid before a child is considered enrolled. Enrollment is on a first come basis. When enrollment reaches capacity, a waiting list is formed and interested parties will be contacted when space becomes available. 

Arrival and Departure: Arrival is 9:30 AM and departure is 2:30 PM. You will park and bring your child into the classroom.Please sign your child in and indicate those persons authorized to pick-up your child at the end of the day if different from parent, and phone number of that person. Any additional phone numbers not on your registration form, where you might be located during the day will be helpful. Please inform all persons authorized to pick-up your child; they may be asked to show identification. We will not take a child’s word concerning this matter.

Immunization:  A record of immunization is required for all children attending Parent’s Day Out. Parents are required to update records as necessary.

Illness:  Children showing signs of illness, such as fever of 100 degrees or more, coughing, dark runny nose, rashes, vomiting, etc. should be kept at home until symptoms disappear. A child should be vomit free and fever free (without Tylenol/Advil) for 24 hours before re-entering the facility. Should your child come down with a serious contagious disease, we must be notified immediately. Call the Director to report this or any other concerns. We are quite sure you do not want your child exposed to childhood diseases needlessly. Please show the same consideration to other parents.

Medicine:  We will not administer any medication to a child unless it comes to us pre-measured, with child’s name and time dosage is to be given, written on the outside, along with parent’s signature.

Discipline:  Teachers will do their best to redirect a child who is misbehaving.

  1. Redirection and verbal reminder of the rules.
  2. Warning of discipline method.
  3. Removal from group. 

ClothingAlways send an extra set of clothing for all age children in case of spills or accidents in a zip-loc bag with child’s name on the outside or include these items in a diaper bag or backpack. This applies to children coming into the center regardless of age or potty training. Always label your child’s coat and other belongs, such as lunch boxes, backpacks, bottles, diaper bags etc. Flip flops should not be worn. Please label everything you send with your child’s name. Please do not send personal toys with your children.

Weather:  We observe the same weather policy as Collierville Schools. If severe weather threatens, listen to your TV or radio announcements for school closures. We will also notify you by email. Be prepared to pick-up your child as soon as you are notified of such closing.

Calendar:  We also follow the Collierville School calendar. 

Lunches: Please pack only foods your child can handle easily. Make sure all needed utensils are packed in lunch boxes and send drinks in spill-proof containers. If thermos bottles are used, please ensure that it has a built in straw. Never send carbonated drinks in thermos bottles or the non-spill cups. They will explode, spewing drink into lunch box or diaper bag, and ruin the other contents. Please label everything you send with your child’s name.

Snacks: We will provide a mid-morning snack and water each day.  Snack will typically be goldfish or graham crackers.  Teachers may post sign ups for special snacks.

Naps: All children will lay down for nap time after lunch. We do not require that they sleep, but we do require them to lie down quietly for at least an hour. Please give us any information on your registration form that will help your child rest easily. We provide nap mats and covers for nap time. You may send a nap necessity (pacifier, special blanket, etc.) for your child in their bags, and we will send it home each day.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Teachers welcome parents to schedule an appointment for a conference anytime.