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My Story

I became aware of God's GRACE in the 5th grade while listening to Michael Jackson's song "We Are The World". It had come out in response to the Ethiopian crisis (1985). I remember being overwhelmed by the fact that I was sitting in my own bedroom with my record player, and I had a family downstairs with dinner almost assuredly getting ready to go on the table.  I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t the one standing in a desert with a bloated belly and no food and flies all around me?  All I could determine at that moment as I stared at my very clean hand, was that I was serving a great big God who for some reason had not picked that life for me but instead had something else for me to be and do.  Thirty+ years later and I am still walking with Him and for Him...being refined, humbled and redeemed regularly. Psalm 16: 5-6

I was born in the great historical city of Detroit into two amazing families, raised in Oklahoma City and New Orleans and graduated from Oklahoma State University.  My early career was spent in college athletics with the Cowboys and the Razorbacks and eventually a technology company that served college athletics departments.

My husband and I moved our family to Memphis from Northwest Arkansas so my husband could more easily fly for FedEx in the fall of 2005.  We have lived here happily watching God do a work in our hearts and in this city ever since. 

I am married to Thad, and we have two daughters: Savannah and Caroline.

My Hope For Harvest

My Hope for Harvest is that this body would multiply the saints, serve one another according to your gifts, and define the word “family” with no boundaries.