Recovery Ministries Coordinator |

My Story

I grew up in Harlan, KY with a mom who always went above and beyond to make me feel loved and supported. Though she and my grandparents did the best they could to model Christian values, rebellion marked my teenage years and my early 20s. This rebellion resulted in an addiction to prescription pain pills that gripped my life for over 8 years. After a series of overdoses and arrests, God’s grace saw fit for me to enter treatment. While there, I found myself broken, hopeless, and desperate for answers. The Spirit lead me to 2 Corinthians 5:17, and my life was forever changed. I despised who I was, and I welcomed the thought of the opportunity to be a new creation while leaving the old me in the past. The Gospel became real to me on that day. I spent the remainder of my time in recovery studying God’s Word, this developed a desire to know Him on a deeper level.

God gave me a passion for spiritual growth and discipleship, which lead to me to move to Memphis in 2009 to intern with a local church and to take part in the Downline Emerging Leader Program.  During my Downline year, I was offered a position on their staff where I worked for several years allowing me to see what discipleship looked like firsthand. In 2014, I accepted a counseling position at a residential drug treatment program, Adult and Teen Challenge Memphis, where my passion to see others seek Christ to find freedom from all types of addictions was further fueled. I received my Bachelor of Science in Bible from Lancaster Bible College.

I married Christina in 2010 and we have two daughters, Gabby and Norah.  Outside of His saving grace, being her husband and their father is the greatest gift the Lord has ever given me.

My Hope For Harvest

I pray that Harvest is a place where people find healing and freedom through the Gospel. Where people are challenged to grow in relationship and have deep intimacy with Christ and each other. A place transparency is the norm, where grace is abundant, and the Gospel is made great as a result.