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My Story

I was born and raised in Auburn, AL and church attendance was a regular rhythm for my family.  I have lived all of my life convinced of the existence of God, but I did not come to a saving faith in Christ until I was 16 sitting on a concrete wall in Venezuela.  I had been invited to go on a mission trip earlier that year by several of my close friends and my love for travel won the day and I agreed.  I quickly learned about this thing called "raising support" and thought that Christians were genius for figuring out a way to get other people to pay for your summer travel.  I was technically going to Venezuela as a missionary without realizing that I was the one God was going to save.  I was asked to share my testimony on that trip as the assumption was that I was a Christian, so I waited until the last day of the trip in hopes that I could listen to other testimonies and simply repeat what they said.  As I began to try and fabricate a story I was overwhelmed with the reality of who Christ was and who I was in my sin and firmly believed that was the moment when God graciously revealed the truth of the gospel to me and allowed me to respond in faith. 

My first stint in Memphis began in August 2008 when I took a position at Memphis Athletic Ministries.  After a year at MAM I accepted a position at Downline Ministries and served as the Director of Emerging Leaders until May of 2013.  I met and married my wonderful wife Shana in Memphis, and we married in February of 2013.  She remains the greatest thing about me.  We currently have two sons, James and Gabe, and a daughter, Kyle.

We moved back to Memphis after serving churches in Austin, TX and Tupelo, MS, and we are thrilled to be back in the city that both of us now consider home.

My Hope For Harvest

My Hope for Harvest is by God's grace to see it never waver from being a biblically faithful, gospel-driven, disciple-making church.