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My Story

I was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. My mother is Catholic and my father is Jewish, so my "religious" upbringing, or lack thereof, was rather eclectic. Though I grew up going to a Catholic church in Bartlesville every week, I did not know God or Jesus Christ, His Son. My life was one characterized by religious activity and worldly "good" works, but my heart was far from God. Ultimately, I was my own master - I was autonomous (or so I thought) - and I would've hated the idea that there was Someone who had made certain demands upon me and my life by nature of my being His creature. In fact, my story begins quite familiarly and biblically; although I did all kinds of "good" things and thought myself to be a "good" person, I was what the Scriptures call a child of wrath by nature - one who did not seek after God at all.

However, while I was walking the opposite direction, my God foreknew me. He sent His Son to be born as a man, keep the Law, and die for me. One summer near the end of my college career, His Spirit quickened me, bringing new life where there was only death. God used a series of events and a season of the loss of all the things I held dear to bring me to the end of myself. It was in that season that I realized, for the first time, my finitude and my utter lack of control over my circumstances. It was then that I heard afresh the words of Christ, that He "will never leave [me] or forsake [me]." All my "goodness" was fraught with self-interest, but Christ had offered Himself for me - He would now and forever be my righteousness.

After this transition, I experienced radical life transformation. My habits and hobbies and interests had been changed; the way I spent my time and money as well as those I surrounded myself had been changed. Like never before, I began veraciously reading the Bible and consuming all kinds of sermons, books, and podcasts. God had given me a new heart and a new life, one that desired to know Him and make Him known as He truly is.

In 2015, I married Anna (pronounced "uh-nuh" because she is half Brazilian), and together we now live with our dog, Mosby. Anna serves at Briarcrest Christian School as the Assistant Director of Student Ministry. We were very blessed to go through Downline in our first year of marriage. Shortly after moving to Memphis, God brought us to Harvest and called us to commit to covenant membership. We love submitting to elders who faithfully preach the Word and shepherd us through life as well as partnering with church members who love Jesus and want to spread his gospel to the nations through discipleship.

My Hope For Harvest

My hope for Harvest is to see us know and love God as He truly is. Often, this means dying to ourselves in obedience to Him as we wrestle to understand and do what He says to us in His Word. I believe we are called to both deep thinking and strong feeling about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Finally, I would love to see us exploit new technology to enable growth as disciples who make disciples for the glory of God.