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My Story

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Memphis, TN.  Growing up in the church, I knew much of Jesus and heard that I was a sinner in need of a Savior.  In 2006, I would have said I had given my life completely to the Lord. Much of my faith walk, however, was competing with others to be the better looking Christian.  The performer in me needed others to know that I was committed to Christ; I needed them to notice that in my actions and obedience. However, this work created a moralistic believer.  The Lord was so patient with me and sought me out over a number of years, revealing this sin of legalism in my heart. As I understood this sin as well as others, the cross began to look so much bigger.  My sin felt heavier, but God proved to be more perfect and holy– PRAISE. Though I had not and could not work hard enough to earn His grace and affections, Jesus did all that was required.  

Throughout college the Lord continued to give me better understanding of His grace and kindness and also of the call that He's placed on my life.  I have been able to use many of the gifts the Lord has blessed me with and hope to develop these gifts during my time in the Downline Emerging Leaders Program, at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and at Harvest.  

I pray that I forever live out my calling to love Christ, treasure Him above all, follow Him faithfully, and to find my joy only in Him.  The Lord has given me a heart to continue the work of ministry, especially as it pertains to loving and deeply caring for the spiritual well-being of the church.  These things I do not to glorify myself but to bring glory to the One True King. I am blessed to be a part of the work that God is doing through His Church for His Kingdom.

My Hope For Harvest

My hope for Harvest is that she would be completely enamored of the cross of Christ, while remaining faithful to making disciples and equipping others to do the same.  In our pursuit of holiness, may we truly know one another and be known deeply as we await the return of Christ!