Discipleship Communities (DC's)

We want every member at Harvest Church to be known, loved, shepherded, and discipled to maturity in Christ (Col. 1:28) and our Discipleship Communities are the primary environment where this occurs.  In other words, our DC’s exist for members to pursue community (known and loved) and maturity (shepherded and discipled) in Christ.  Typically DC’s meet in homes throughout the week and vary in size from 8 to 20 - some DC’s meet at Harvest on Wednesday evenings so we can serve families in need of childcare.  We have DC’s that meet all over the city with more on the way; if you’re interested in joining a DC then follow the directions listed below.  Joining a DC is vital for your relationship with both Christ and the body of Harvest Church - don’t miss out!

(See The Gospel Journey for more on how to pursue a discipling relationship at Harvest)

How can I join a Discipleship Community?

Thank you for your interest in joining a DC at Harvest, an exciting journey is ahead of you!  Please begin by clicking the “Join A Discipleship Community” below.  This will guide you to a directory of all our existing DC’s and a map of meeting locations - DC’s that are accepting new members will be labeled as Open and those that are currently full are labeled as Closed.  There are search parameters/filters to assist you in narrowing down the list so you can find exactly what you are looking for.  Once you find the Open DC that meets your needs please click on the “Join this group” to send a personalized email to the leader and they will get back with you at their earliest convenience.  If you visit a DC and its just not a great fit for you then feel free to try another DC - no hard feelings and no worries.  If you have any questions please email Wes Selecman at wes@harvestmemphis.org.

Interested in leading a Discipleship Community?

Email wes@harvestmemphis.org for information

Fall 2018 Sunday Schools

Fall 2018 Sunday Schools begin August 26! Register here. Contact amber@harvestmemphis.org with any questions.

9:00 Hour

  • Class: Young Adults
    Teacher: Jamie Trussell & Bryce Rader
    Register here

  • Class: Connecting the Gospel and Our Work
    Teacher: Mike Studdard
    Register here

  • Class: Search For Significance *8 week class for women only*
    Teacher: Jan Lichterman
    Register here

10:45 Hour

  • Class: Martyrs and the Movement of the Church
    Teacher: Steve Winstead & Jamie Trussell & Wes Selecman
    Register here