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My Story

I was born and raised in Columbus Mississippi. I cannot remember a time as a child where I was not involved in church. I prayed a prayer to accept Christ at a young age, simply because that is what everyone did around me. This was the cultural thing to do in my small city. I continued in church throughout middle school and high school, but that changed when I moved away for college. I obtained a degree in Business Administration at Mississippi State University. I cared more about the fraternity and party life than academics. This unfulfilling way of life continued for 3 and half years of college until one night changed the whole direction of my life. On January 30th 2013 my senior year of college I found myself sitting in the back of a church incredibly unsatisfied with my life, asking the Lord to change something. By the sovereign grace of God, Jesus Christ saved me that glorious Wednesday night. I professed Christ my whole life, but showed no fruits concluding that I was not a follower of him before that evening. Jesus met me exactly where I was in life that night and caused me to be born again. I walked out of that church with a new hope and purpose, which was to make the name of Jesus known to everyone. I had a desire to be disciple of Jesus. When I finished college in 2014, I lived with the president of a mission’s organization in Birmingham for a year. The Lord transformed me in a unique way that year, which led me to Memphis, TN in 2015 to work at my Father’s business. I had been working for about 6 months when I felt a strong internal call to teach and preach God’s Word. During that season, I married my beautiful bride, Kelsea. The call on my life was ultimately confirmed in very unique ways, and I quit my job to pursue pastoral ministry. By the absolute grace of God, I am in pursuing my masters of divinity through Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am passionate about seeing the Christ-centered gospel proclaimed to all nations, teaching sound doctrine, and the church. My wife and I want to spend our lives for the sake of Jesus Christ and the lost people of this world. How incredibly inadequate I am for this task, but praise be to God for his Spirit dwelling in me.

My Hope For Harvest

My hope for Harvest is that we would be passionate about taking the gospel to Memphis and ultimately the nations. My hope is that we would always be diving deep into God's Word, never ceasing to cry out to the Lord in prayer, and always striving to walk in holiness as the body of Christ.