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The last half of the form is for you to write out your testimony for your video. Please keep each section at 5 sentences or less. For an example of a testimony video, click here.

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Please take a moment to briefly write out your testimony. Few keys for the video: • Please seek to balance the amount you spend on each of these aspects - each of the four aspects listed below should be answered in 20 seconds or less for the video. • Remember that this is ultimately a testimony about what Jesus Christ has done and the hope is that the focus will be on Him that we might praise together with you God’s work in your life. • Make it personal, not preachy; use “I” and “me” not “you” and “we” • Your video will not be more than 90 seconds total • We do not practice re-baptism so if you experienced sprinkling with or immersion in water before being born again and trusting Christ, your experience was not baptism. Please do not mention this experience in your testimony as it can be confusing for the congregation. • Talk about attitudes and actions, life change, more than feelings as a result of your conversion. • Taking the time to write this out will allow you better prepared to be clear in the video. • For a good biblical example of a testimony read Paul’s testimony in Acts 26
Please keep this at 5 sentences or under. This includes attitudes and actions. A short couple of sentences of your life before you became a Christian
Please keep this at 5 sentences or under.
Please keep this at 5 sentences or under. Clearly state the gospel in this - this is the most important aspect of your video testimony. Specifically, how you became a Christian. Communicate the gospel clearly and briefly. Include the following: the recognition of sin, Jesus’ payment for that sin, how you repented and trust Jesus personally
Please keep this at 5 sentences or under. This includes attitudes and actions. How did Jesus change your life? Relate back to the areas you struggled with before conversion.
• Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I want to publicly profess that to the church! • I have been redeemed by Jesus Christ. • I have trusted Jesus Christ and want to follow His example in being baptized. • I want to outwardly express how I have died to my old life and now have new life in Jesus Christ. • I want to celebrate with our church that Jesus has saved me and I have new life in him. • I want to publicly profess before the church that Jesus Christ has saved me! We encourage you to state this in your own words, but know it should be a brief sentence and clearly point to your salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as your reason for baptism.