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My Story

I grew up in Ozark, Arkansas going to Church every Sunday with my parents and two brothers. I made a decision to follow Christ when I was 5 but there were little opportunities for deep growth in the church I was at which produced a life of just doing good things and thinking that was all there was to it. In junior high, I joined a Bible study at another church in town where I made a friend who claimed she was a Christian and her life actually was different because of that decision. I started to wonder what was different in my life because of the decision I had made to follow Him and really couldn’t think of much. In that group I really began to learn and understand what it meant to follow Jesus and live my everyday life with Him. During my 9th grade year I went on an inner city mission trip to Dallas with YWAM and one night during team worship the Lord broke me over my sin, revealed Himself to me and it was then that I finally understood how my sin was separating me from Him and decided I wanted to live my whole life for Him. I didn't realize it at the time, since I was always proclaiming Christianity, but that's when Christ fully became Lord of my life! After that, the Lord continued to give me opportunities in high school to go on mission trips and began growing my heart for those different from me and far from Him. I went to college at the University of Central Arkansas and became involved in a campus ministry where I began being discipled and challenged to share my faith for the first time. After graduation in Spring 2017 I spent my summer in India sharing the Gospel and learning about the culture. The Lord used that summer to tangibly show me HE is Lord and Creator of all people. That summer my heart really soften for the lost and those who are separated from Him. Right after that I moved to Memphis to go through the Downline Emerging Leaders program. Since moving here the Lord has continued to grow my love for those from different cultures and helped grow my understanding about the Local Churches role in reaching the nations locally and globally.

My Hope For Harvest

My hope for Harvest is that people are challenged to step out of their comfort zones to interact and experience other cultures and people different from them whether locally or globally. That any who attends, whether that be a one time visitor or member, would be reminded weekly The Lord created all people and is at work through us to reach those who are separated from Him. All for His glory and our good!