Groups and Classes

We offer Groups and Classes to provide Gospel-Centered environments for connection and care. We encourage you to get connected in a group or class so that you might be shepherded well. We have a number of opportunities for you to connect at Harvest including small groups that meet primarily in people's homes throughout the week, which we call Discipleship Communities. We also have Classes that meet on Sunday mornings during the 9 and 10:45 hours. Our hope with groups and classes is not only that we would know one another, but that we would love one another well and be able to encourage one another toward discipleship relationships.

(See The Gospel Journey for more on how to pursue a discipling relationship at Harvest)

Spring 2018 Classes end May 20. Fall 2018 Classes begin August 12! Contact with any questions.

Why Discipleship Communities?

Discipleship Communities provide a gospel-centered environment for connection, care, mission and multiplication. DCs usually range from 8 to 18 people, and we encourage age and gender diversity. While most meet mid-week throughout the city in people‚Äôs homes, some DCs meet on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings at Harvest for the purpose of serving families in need of childcare.

How can I join a Discipleship Community?

Discipleship Community Form (If you have any questions, contact Josiah)

Discipleship Communities:

Allen/Ramsey: Wednesday @ 7pm
Arnold/Jackson: Wednesday @ 7pm
Conley: Thursdays
Etter/Purselley: Sunday @ 6pm
Farrell: Tuesday @ 7:30pm*
Gordon: Monday @ 7pm
Jones/Smith: Wednesday @ 6:30pm
McGittigan: Sunday @ 6pm
Pearson/Furniss: Sunday @ 4:30pm*
Sabin/McCaig/Lamb: Wednesday @ 6pm
Tucker: Sunday @ 6pm
Turner/Tigert: Sunday @ 5pm*
Zimmerman/Tashie: Sunday @ 6pm*

Harvest (Sunday Mornings)
Torres: 9:00am
Jewell: 9:00am*
Crawford/Cox: 10:45am*
Wingo/Morris: 10:45am*

Harvest (Wednesday Evenings)
Adams: 6:30pm
Boyadjian: 6:30pm*
Brummer/Storck/Marek: 6:30pm*
Magliocchini (Espanol): 6:30pm

Banister: Sunday @ 4pm
Farrell: Tuesday @ 7:30pm
Newman/Brennan: Sunday @ 6pm
Peterson/Gagnon: Sunday @ 6:30pm*

East Memphis
Barnhart: Thursday @ 7pm
Conley/Cunningham: Sunday @ 5pm
Ellis/Griffin: Sunday @ 5:30pm
Haugen/Howard: Sunday @ 5:30pm
Presley: Wednesdays*
Wilson/Frazee/Galbreath: Wednesday @ 6:30pm

North Mississippi
Cooley: Sunday @ 1:00pm

*These living rooms are pretty full, but feel free to ask about joining. We would be happy to reach out and see if they can fit one more. 

Interested in leading a Discipleship Community?

Discipleship Community Leadership Form