Groups and Classes

We offer Groups and Classes to provide Gospel-Centered environments for connection and care. We encourage you to get connected in a group or class so that you might be shepherded towards discipleship relationships. We have a number of opportunities for you to connect at Harvest including Discipleship Communities that meet primarily in people's homes throughout the week as well as Classes that meet Sunday mornings during the 9 and 10:45 hours. Our hope with groups and classes is not just that we would just connect, but that we would connect in discipleship relationships. The Gospel Journey is our primary tool we use in discipleship relationships here at Harvest.

Why do we have Discipleship Communities?

Discipleship Communities provide a gospel-centered environment for connection, care, mission and multiplication. The DCs, as we call them for short, are our primary vehicle for discipleship at Harvest. DCs usually range from 8 to 18 people, and we encourage age and gender diversity. While most meet mid-week throughout the city in people’s homes, some DCs meet on Sunday mornings during the Connect Hour at Harvest for the purpose of serving families in need of childcare.

How can I get in a DC?

Contact Josiah (

How can I lead a DC?

If you are interested in leading a Discipleship Community please fill out this brief form.  Thank you for your interest in serving and helping others connect at Harvest. 

Discipleship Community Locations

Allen/Ramsey: Wednesday @ 7pm FULL
Etter/Purselley: Sunday @ 6:30pm FULL
Hobar: Wednesday @ 6:30pm FULL
Holmes/Gordon: Thursday @ 6:30pm FULL
Jones/Smith: Wednesday @ 6:30pm FULL
Pearson/Furniss: Sunday @ 5pm FULL
Tucker: Sunday @ 6:30pm
Turner/Tigert: Sunday @4pm FULL

Harvest (Sunday Mornings)
Torres: 9:00
Crawford/Cox: 10:45 FULL
Wingo/Morris: 10:45

Harvest (Wednesday Evenings)
Boyadjian: 6:30pm FULL
Quiroz/Rook: 6:30pm

Adams/Dillman: Wednesday @ 6pm FULL
Banister: Sunday @ 4pm FULL
Marek/Duncan: Sunday @ 6pm

East Memphis
Conley/Cunningham: Sunday @5pm
Ellis/Griffin: Sunday @ 6:30pm
Haugen/Howard: Sunday @ 5pm FULL
Penn/Lawrence: Sunday @ 7pm FULL
Peevyhouse/Chatman: Monday @ 7pm FULL
Wilson/Frazee/Galbreath: Tues @ 6pm FULL

North Mississippi
Marek/Duncan/Brummer/Storck: Thursday @ 6pm
Cooley/Skinner: Sunday @ 4pm FULL

Why do we have Sunday Morning Classes?

This semester, we are doing several age and stage classes! A lot of these groups overlap, so choose whichever class seems like the best fit for you. Our hope is that everyone will have two class options to choose from. Please note that if you have a child 2nd grade and above, their Sunday School class meets during the 10:45 hour, so we encourage you to look at the 10:45 classes only. Contact Amber ( or go to Connection Central on Sunday if you have any questions. 

We hope the classes this semester will help people in various stages of life build relationships and friendships while at the same time learning how to live out their faith in a more authentic way. his Spring, classes run Jan.8 - May 21 (Except Easter Sunday, Apr.18)

How can I get in a Class?

Even though the semester has already begun, we'd love for you to sign up and jump in to a Sunday Morning Class! Sign up here

9:00am Classes

Class: The Chronological Story of the Bible Pt.2
Teacher: Steve Tucker
RM: 204
Note: It is not necessary to have taken Pt.1.

Class: Young Adults
Robby Flack
RM: Fellowship Hall
Note: This is intended for those in their 20s.

Class: Young Marrieds & Adults
Teacher: Josiah Lawrence
RM: 202
Note: This is intended for young marrieds (with and without kids) and adults in their late 20's through mid 30's. During the 9am hour, we only have children's offerings for 1st grade and below; therefore, if you have a child older than first grade, the "Gospel-Centered Families" class might be a better fit for you.

10:45am Classes

Class: Gospel-Centered Families
Teacher: Braxton Brady
RM: 202
Note: We have children's offerings for all ages during this hour.

Class: Disciple-making/Acts
Teacher: JB Selecman, Steve Winstead, Andy Hynes
RM: 204
Note: We have children's offerings for all ages during this hour.