Where is their classroom?

Children must be checked in before they are dropped off at their classroom. In order to get to the kid’s wing, you will exit the sanctuary to the left of the stage and follow the hallway to the left until you see a “Kids” sign hanging from the ceiling. The correct room for your child is listed on their check-in sticker. Elementary classrooms are listed by grade.  All other classes are listed by “color."

Infant-Preschool = Kid’s Hallway
Kindergarten-3rd Grade = Portables
4th-5th Grade = Upstairs

The Infants-1st grade classes are available during both the 9:00 and 10:45 service. The 2nd-5th Grade classes only meet during the 10:45 hour.

Children may be checked in and dropped off in their classroom 15 minutes before service begins.

How will I be contacted if needed? 

If we need you during service, we will text your cell phone; please keep your phone with you and on vibrate so you know if we contact you.

How do I pick up my child? 

You must present your portion of the check-in sticker to the teacher before we release your child. Please be sure you have the sticker available to show teachers at pick-up.