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My Story

I was born and raised in a small town outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Being fully surrounded by a family of professing Christians, going to church religiously and growing up in a Christian school - I assumed all my life that I was a Christian myself... But with the experiences and little knowledge I had, I was lacking the most important part - an intimate relationship with my Savior. 

It was when I transferred to a public school in my teens that I started to recognize the filth of my sin. I began feeling conviction and shame for what I was slowly discovering was rebellion against God's design for my life. At the age of 19, after years of running and trying to figure out life on my own, God brought me to a complete place of brokenness, desperation and repentance. It was then that I fully surrendered and knew deeply in my heart that I was longing for more than what I could achieve by my own efforts. I desired something bigger. I desired change. I desired more of Jesus and less of me. 

I got plugged back into the church at age 21, and by the Lord's grace He led me to Memphis to go trough Downline Ministries Emerging Leaders program in 2013 with my husband (Zach) to continue deepening my understanding of His Word and what it truly means to walk in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was here in Memphis that I experienced discipleship for the very first time, and I praise God for the community of people he has placed around me who continue to encourage and challenge me in my walk with the Lord. Harvest is such a blessing to both my husband and I; we are incredibly grateful for the leadership, rich exegetical preaching, and authentic worship in our body. 

My Hope For Harvest

My hope is that Harvest will be a place that loves others deeply, that passionately lives out and makes known the Gospel of Christ, a place full of humble hearts that know their desperate need for Jesus, that discipleship would be taught and lived out, and that Harvest would be a home for the lost and broken, reaching not only our city but the nations.